Doc Randall Says

Right about now, you are likely wondering why I have so many posts that look like they might be better suited to a vet clinic. And that, my friends, is a very good question.

My father, Ray Randall, is a veterinarian, the Montana version of James Herriott (he wrote All Creates Great and Small, amongst other books). Dad dealt with more sagebrush and porcupines, Herriott more rolling hills and kittens.

My father sold his veterinary practice in 2017, and it is best that the domain name stay with the clinic, its new owners and veterinarians, and staff. But the content–and there was far more of it than even I thought there could be–stayed with me. Much work, much research, and several awkward questions went into creating many of those posts, and it seemed flippant to just delete them, so I brought them over to my own site. I’ve stashed them here so that they can still be of use to people. For those of you that came here for travel advice or photos of dogs, I know that I’ve given you more than you bargained for, and I’m (not that) sorry.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 10.04.16 PM
Dr. Ray Randall and His Favorite Truck–the MHT

This is a favorite photo of my father: fashion forward, upwardly mobile, and ready for action. He would list the merits of this outfit (he won’t get cold, plenty of layers, and whatever gets smeared on the overalls will blend in with what is already there) as well as why this truck suits him. And it still does.