Mum snapped this photo of the two of us a few years back when my parents, Joel, and I did a quick trip to Israel between Christmas and New Years. We were looking for the Garden of Gesthemane and hiked up up up looking for it, only to find that it at the base of that hill. We passed by entrance and never even knew it.

I’m Erin, he’s Joel. I do the blog, he plans the trips. Both of us are guilty of the middling quality of our photos. When we aren’t out and about, we can be found trying to exhaust our two dogs, Eleanor and Beatrice. (Eleanor is the Lab and Beatrice is the German Shepherd in this photo, in case you were wondering.) We try to travel with them whenever possible, although neither have passports. Both excel at roadtrips, long walks, and lazing on comfortable surfaces. They prefer their beds with extra lounging pillows.


We have been to France several times, so often that many French people have remarked that we have seen more of France than they have. It helps that Joel’s French is quite good, that we are comfortable with road trips and the French peage system (that is the French word for “very expensive toll road”). I’ve mentioned to Joel that there are other countries in the world to visit, but as I say this I generally am eating cheese with a warm baguette and berries from a farmers’ market, so I’m not certain how seriously he takes me.




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