Heroism in Action, or I Told You I Could Get the Trailer Out!

Montana has enjoyed more than it’s fair share of snow this winter, and all of that spring snow can make calving season a little dicey, especially if you need to get to the vet in a hurry. My parents were enjoying a slalom drive to the clinic when mum spotted this rig backed up to the tub and outdoor pens.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 9.26.36 AM
The Literal Version of Tractor Trailer
–photo credit Marilyn Randall

The operator of this fine piece of machinery was none other than Jim Englert, the other half of one of our favorite brand inspectors, Edna. Don’t tell him that he couldn’t get his trailer out of those snow drifts. And both the mum and her 140-pound baby are fine.

I miss these common-sense displays of getting things done. Jim didn’t grab a shovel or call a neighbor or request a ranch call. Instead, he just backed up his tractor and solved the problem. If this doesn’t demonstrate Occam’s razor, I don’t know what does.

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