Tips on Badger Love, or Why Badger Thinks He Is a Great Kisser

Oh Badger, just when you couldn’t get any cuter you have to go and mug Grace down for a kiss!

Valentine’s Day was last week, you wee spot-nosed Lothario!

I must confess that I and I alone am unloved by the Badger. I braved dodgy roads, bad drifts, and Google maps to try and include Badger in the Bridger Vet Christmas photo, but Badger wanted nothing to do with me. Nicky and Barry’s old dogs, Rooster and Spud, thought I looked and smelled all right, but Badger growled and barked at me from behind the tractor. Maybe I should get tips on getting me some Badger love from Grace here, because she obviously has that special something. He cannot get enough of her!

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