Snowbound Badger, or Why It Pays to Have a Cute Nose

It has been far too long since we’ve checked in with the cheeky Badger, so here he is in all his snowy glory! Nicky was a bit worried that he wasn’t showing off his impish side, but I think he’s just biding his time here with the snow, dreaming of the springtime daffodils that he’ll dig up.

Badger really tries to be a good dog, and he generally succeeds. But alas, not always. My theory is that the pinks spots on his nose get the best of him, driving him to feverish fits that force him to acts of toothy violence against freshly planted bulbs or chewing up solar lights. It’s impossible to not forgive him though, especially when he decides that Nicky is his favorite form of transport!

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 3.33.16 PM
Badger and His Mum Nicky (His Preferred Mode of Transportation)

Enjoy winter, Badger, and know that springtime and its floral delights will be here before you know it.

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