Cheeky Badger and the Toothy Grin

When we last checked in with Badger, he was rather pitiful, even sporting the cone of shame. No more! Badger has made a full recovery, even if his hoped-for sex life has not.


I know, I know–looking at this photo you might not be certain if this is so much cheeky grin or “thatsa MY bone, you getta your OWN bone!” But Nicky assures me that Badger is indeed grinning his head off. According to her, he smiles at most anything: when he is happy to see her after a long day of no mum, when he’s told off for being underfoot in the kitchen, when he greets visitors with a little too much enthusiasm (nee crotch sniffing), when he sees someone he likes (nee remembers said crotch), when he wants a biscuit (and how about another). In short, he sports this toothy grin about 100 times a day, making Nicky smile in the process.

So how could you not love the Badger?

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