Pearl before Swine…

This is Pearl. Pearl is full-blown border collie, papers and everything. While Pearl is bred and has the instincts to be a working dog, she is completely useless in that regard, much to the chagrin of the nice Oklahoma man who bred her.

What Pearl does well:

  • Chases squeaky toys in the house
  • Swims in the irrigation ditch and then rolls in something disgusting
  • Takes point on any hikes
  • Camps out in your lap while driving (please note that she cannot navigate)
  • Hip checks you until you scoot over and give her your pillow. And more bed space. And yet a little more.
  • Begs at the dinner table

Whatever Pearl’s failings might be in the useful category, she is a saint in our house. Why? Because she watched football on Papa’s Bob’s lap every autumn. Because she stayed with him in the nursing home all the way to the end, never complaining, simply because she knew that he needed her.

If you’re ever up our way and need a copilot, you can’t have Pearl. Pearl is much loved, just as she is, living the life of Riley.

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