Going to the Dogs, or How Yellowstone Dog Sports Makes Mattie Happy and Agile

Believe it or not, we do read the mail. So last year when we received a flyer that a new dog center had opened over in Red Lodge, we took note. After all, it’s not too often that new businesses open in our area, let alone businesses specifically geared toward dogs, so we read that particular missive with great interest. That is when mum first learned of Yellowstone Dog Sports. Owned by Elaine Osmun, Yellowstone Dog Sports is a bit north of Red Lodge on Highway 212. It’s a lovely indoor facility (huge bonus for winters like the one you all are suffering through) with a large area for training and agility work, including hoops, jumps, chicken coops, tunnels, platforms, and anything you could imagine to challenge your dog. It also has a large area for dog crates and tables for the humans to eat, meaning that it’s quite a lovely place to spend an afternoon with your dog.

I love watching dogs perform agility work, if only because I could fantasize about the beloved Ruby or Pearl joining in. Ruby is, after all, an Aussie shepherd, and a lot of those really good frisbee dogs are Aussies. The sainted Pearl is a Border Collie. If you haven’t seen a Border Collie wiggle and sprint through some of those agility courses, then you’re missing some really good fun. Mum feels the same way, and she thought that Mattie needed something productive to do with her time (either that or Bob was too tired from their last wrestling bout), so she contacted Yellowstone Dog Sports. Fortunately, Mattie is a huge fan of agility training for these reasons: it’s fun, she can got back and forth through her favorite obstacle the tunnel, and she get treats. Mum now spends a bit of time with Elaine every couple weeks or so, helping Mattie to become a more agile dog.

Doesn’t Mattie look great?! She pays attention, tries everything, and gets better with every session. Go Mattie!

I cannot help but think that my very own Beatrice (from the same litter of German Shepherds as mum’s pup) got the raw end of the deal. We focus on obedience and training, which isn’t nearly as much fun as an agility course. But now that I see how well Mattie is coming along, Beatrice and I better go practice our own training. Our main goal is to not eat people on bicycles, and since she still licks her lips a bit as they whiz by, I think we need some more work.

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