The Importance of Napping

Many of my friends are hesitant at best to contact me on weekend afternoons, and they have good reason. See, I’m a weekend napper, and it is widely known that I love a good snooze. My husband, Joel, is very supportive of this habit, mainly because he can kick Eleanor and Beatrice in with me and he has a few hours of peace. From all three of us.

Many people wonder why I nap with dogs, particularly young dogs. True, there is a bit of a wrestle in getting everyone to lay down at the beginning, but then…silence. Deep breaths. Snuggles. Closeness. I find meaning in those 90 minutes, of Eleanor curling up behind my knees while Beatrice keeps watch on the door. Sleeping with my dogs solidifies us as a pack.

This is my friend Liz. She and her husband, Mike, have a pet-sitting business, so this explains the shocking amount of dogs in this photo. (For the record, this makes them good businesspeople, not future dog hoarders.) She makes a point of laying down on a regular basis with as many dogs that want to join in the snuggle. It helps everyone to get along, gives her some much-needed rest (that many dogs is a lot of work!), and it makes the dogs feel right at home. Obviously, she’s doing something right. For the record, I count five napping canines in this photo.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 3.04.13 PM
Liz at Rest II
–photo Mike Altman


And if you’re looking for Liz, she’s probably off napping with the dogs. She claims to need more practice. Don’t we all!

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