He’s Smarter Than He Looks, or Why You Should Never Trust a Nebraska Farmer

My good friend Mary and I were trading emails, and we somehow got onto the subject of game shows. She tells this story of growing up in Nebraska.

Wheel of Fortune, that game show where people spin the wheel and guess letters, would come on after my sisters and I got home from school at 4:00 or so. We would watch it every day, often with our dad along with us. He was a farmer, so he was in the house a lot of the time, especially during the winter. He would ALWAYS know the answer to the puzzle after the first letter was turned over, and our eyes would light up in astonished wonder. We grew up thinking that our dad was a GENIUS. He FINALLY admitted years later that he had been watching the noon broadcast and that the 4:00 show was a rerun, which was how he knew all of the solutions ahead of time.

And that, my friends, is why you never trust a farmer in Nebraska with too much time on his hands…..

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