Bearcreek Downs: Gotta See It–Oink Oink! (or Small Town Saturday Nights)

“You know, Marilyn, we should just have the rehearsal dinner over at the Bearcreek Saloon,” said Dad.

“Ray, we are NOT having a rehearsal dinner at a bar. I cannot believe you would even suggest such a thing.” snorted my mother. Then she called to tell me about my father’s preposterous idea.

“Um, actually mum, that is a FANTASTIC idea. We can take everyone to the pig races. A pig-race rehearsal dinner is the perfect way to go!” was how I responded.

Pig races? Did she really just say pig races? For a rehearsal dinner? Indeed I did! After all, when you drag friends and family halfway across the country for your wedding, it’s only good manners to show them a good time. And is there more fun than watching pigs in racing silks race around to eat leftover Twinkies and donuts? I think not! Friends loved it. Everyone loved it. How often do you get a rehearsal dinner that has racing pigs? Pits drug out the grill, made hamburgers, and we all had drinks at the bar. Frankly, it was the perfect evening, and friends talk about it to this day. So yes, there are pig races–pig races!–at the Bearcreek Saloon.

Pits and Lynn have been running pig races for 25 years. Replete with track and grandstands, Bearcreek Downs is right behind the bar itself. On weekend nights during the summer, Bearcreek Downs is open for some of the cleanest family fun you will ever find. Just look at these wee porkers hoof it around the track for their Hostess prizes!

Pits and Lynn donate their pig-racing proceeds to scholarships for local 4-H and FFA kids that go to school within Montana to study agriculture. To date, they have given over $103,000, meaning that going to the pig races is both altruistic and fun.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 1.15.29 PM
Pits, Mum, and a Racing Pig at Bearcreek Downs

So when driving between Red Lodge and Belfry, you need to slow up around Bearcreek. First, that turn is a little wicked and unexpected. Secondly, you might blow by Bearcreek Downs, and pig racing is not a sport to be missed!



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