Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town

Oh Ruby, you do so love being the center of attention, so much that you’re perfectly comfortable moving to the middle of the circle, sacking out, and letting Sam McDowell use you as a footrest. Quite literally, you’ll let love walk all over you.

Sam McDowell is a professional. Professional cowboy. Professional builder of log homes. (He built my parents’ home, the garage floor of which Ruby has lovingly draped herself across in order to gain easier access to Sam’s boots.) Professional teller of tall tales. Professional alfalfa grower. Professional drinker, although he and dad have been known to pass the same bottle back and forth as a holiday gift for years on end. And last but not least, Sam is a professional good friend. Whenever friends gather at my parents’ house, Sam and his better half, Monica, are pretty much guaranteed to be there, with Ruby underfoot.

And yes, I realize that I seem to quote a lot of old country songs in these blog posts, but look at the bright side–I don’t sing them!

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