It’s a Dog’s Life, or the King of Bruges…

So, in our continuing travels through Belgium, my husband and I spotted this dog while on a canal boat tour. While we don’t know his name, he is quite the attraction, snoozing in the sun all day, watching canal boats putter by.

When we first tried for a photo from the boat, said king had disappeared. Joel (that would be my beloved husband) and I followed the canal until we found the window and then waited to see if he would reappear. After about 20 minutes, his very kind owner returned him to his window throne, yelling across the way that he sometimes got a bit hot from snoozing in the sun, so he abdicated for cooler climes. (Something tells me that we aren’t the first people to want a photo of her kingly dog, may he reign/snooze in peace).

Bruges is a lovely, charming old city, but I must say that I loved finding this dog. No matter where you go, dogs are pretty much the same.


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