That Hot Pink Squeeze Chute, Revisited

Earlier this year, I (re)ran a blog post entitled “A Hot Pink Squeeze Chute, and That Ain’t No Bull.” Much Facebook sharing ensued, leading many to wonder if such an implementation was real. By following Facebook comments, I found Tarter Farm and Ranch Supply, which led me to “Sadie’s Ride for a Cure Campaign” and then finally to Sadie and the All-American Cowgirl Chicks. That’s quite a trip down the rabbit hole, just to find a pink squeeze chute.

The All-American Cowgirl Chicks are a trick-riding team out of Texas. Started in the late ‘90s, the team performs regularly at rodeos around the US, venturing as far as Sweden and the Rose Bowl Parade. Sadie has been trick riding and performing since she was a small girl, but after a messy trick-riding accident, she wasn’t healing up quite right. She went back to her doctors, who discovered a rare, malignant phyllodes tumor. At 18, Sadie was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sadie, however, will find the sun even in a thunderstorm. She decided that her accident was a blessing in disguise and opted to encourage all women to be cowgirl smart. “Pink is a color, but this is about empowerment and education. Women need to know their bodies.” The Cowgirl Chicks are a non-profit, meaning that after expenses are paid and horses are fed, everything else is donated to organizations like St. Jude’s, the Wounded Warrior Project, and various cancer charities in an attempt to provide free mammograms to women everywhere. But they aren’t the only ones paying it forward. Tarter donates a portion of its proceeds from its pink product line to cancer charities. Those pink products are available through special order at

And while Tarter does produce many fine pink products, a pink squeeze chute is not among them. The mystery remains. Did someone really paint that squeeze chute pink? Will Tarter’s 2015 product line include the much ballyhooed yet still elusive pink squeeze chute? Ranchers can only hope.

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