Mother Goose, or This Is How It Starts

My cousin, Caryn, posted this photo of the most recent addition to their household. Meet Buddy the goose!

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.27.02 PM
Buddy the Goose (photo credit Caryn Moxey)


My brother, Matt, tried raising geese as a science project back in the day. He (or rather my parents and Karen Hauge) had an incubator set up at the vet clinic. Every day, when Matt returned home from school, he’d go to the clinic and check his eggs. He was to turn them, not shake them, and handle them as little as possible. Much to everyone’s surprise, including his, a couple of goslings hatched. Both Matt and I were pretty up close and personal with the miracle of birth, but what no one had counted on was imprinting. Those geese thought Matt was their mama, and they followed him around for quite some time, giving us all a good laugh.

I’m certain that Buddy here is a project of some type for Logan, Nolan and Caryn’s son. And while any project for children undoubtedly is a project for parents, Buddy will provide hours of fun. (If not for them , then at least for me.) And as for you, Caryn, I consider this all the invitation I needed to start referring to you as “Mother Goose.” I’ll forego that right in a heartbeat, however, if you can convince Buddy that your husband is his real parent so that he is followed everywhere by a goose!

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