How MKR Got Towed in the MHT

My mother, bless her soul, was fantastic about taking random photos at the vet clinic. However, while this may endear her to me, it has resulted in some fairly entertaining conversations of “You want take a photo of me LIKE THIS?” and “But I haven’t done my hair!” So when she drove Dad’s newly remodeled MHT over to the clinic a few years ago and it was there that it wouldn’t start back up, Nicky grabbed the camera and sprinted out the door to catch her mid-tow.

We get by with a little help from our friends.

I notice that mom was pretty careful to not be visible in this photo. I’m also betting that dad was somehow at fault for the MHT needing a tow, regardless of when he was last near it. Or at least that is how mom will spin this. She can be pretty creative in her storytelling.

As for Nicky, she seems to have bounced back from the sprint down Vet Lane. She kept saying something about how she couldn’t run as fast as the truck, but she persevered. Carry on, Nicky!

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